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Carbon seat

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Ergonomic carbon seat for harnesses

Specially designed for paragliding

Our ergonomic carbon seat enhance comfort. It is way lighter than the flat removable plywood board of your harness.

After a few minutes sitting in a standard harness you will need to change position of your thighs as your femoral artery is squized and blood does not run easily to your legs. Our ergonomic seat gives a perfect distribution of your weight on the surface of the seat.

Lateral rigidity of the seat maintains perfectly the space between the two elevators and cannot bend so it increases your comfort.

Weight is not only important during the flight, it is really nice when you walk and run during take off not to have an heavy board kikking your leggs.

Most of the harness boards are standard size and can be easily remove so let’s do it on your harness!

Marine use : Mast climbing- Aviation use : Paragliding , hang gliding , paramotoring , parachute … Security use : Tree climbing, quickdraws,security harness for roof and facade work…


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