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10 Sliders

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20 Very good and strong quality 3 bar triglide buckles specially designed for paraglider harnesses.

One harness includes up to 10 sliders for perfect adjustment. so their weight is very important.
Our sliders are made of aeronautical aluminium 7075 . This very strong and light material has the strengh of steel for almost half the weight.
Our design makes sure the adjustments are easy for a very tight and reliable assembly.
Our Sliders fit 38-40 mm polyester seat belt and are the most common items in an harness .
A beautiful Red color fits perfectly with black and red webbing.

  • Material: Aeronautical aluminium 7075
  • Inner dimension:1 1/2” (3.8 cm), suitable for 1 1/2” or less for belts/webbing/straps.
  • Wire shape: Flat
  • This item is for webbing or straps and bag strap handbag belt and so on.


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